Administration of Multiple Intravenous Infusions

An incredible project funded by Health Quality Ontario, this multiphase research study was designed to identify and reduce the errors associated with the complexity of IV medication administration. We are currently working to pilot our interventions in Ontario.

To see the reports produced by my colleagues and I, from HumanEra, click here.


A common sight in ICUs.

A common sight in ICUs.

I contributed in several aspects:

  • Reviewed and helped develop a classification system for reviewing incident reports associated with multiple IV administration errors. I also conducted a Fleiss' Kappa interrater reliability test to ensure our two teams were analyzing the data in the same way.
  • Managed the submission process for several research ethics board applications, as we conducted 12 ethnographic field studies in 10 different hospitals in Ontario. Each hospital has unique requirements, including variations in consent/assent processes, and the need to identify local liasons or principal investigators.
  • Created an online survey using SurveyMonkey to identify the potential prevalence of practices or policies across Ontario. I was also the primary author for the survey report, which should be published by mid 2013.
  • Assisted in acquiring supplies and liaising with pharmacists and critical care nurses to establish realistic IV administration scenarios, drug orders and concentrations, and workflows for a simulated environment used to test methods of reducing errors.